“Never worry about how to remedy wrongdoing ever again?

Why pay lawyers to make them richer and trust the rigged court system when you can remedy harm caused to you by creating new money

Once you start using Private Administrative Law to create new money you can remedy wrongs that caused you harm and never pay lawyers or suffer injustice in the court system ever again…………”

Iain Clifford founder MATRIXFREEDOM



  1. The legal system is a business, the lawyers and courts always win
  2. Lawyers work for the court not the client
  3. The legal system is deliberately made complex, a closed shop for the so-called experts
  4. The legal system deliberately causes controversy to generate high fees
  5. Practice protocols cause additional costs and put up barriers by design
  6. Getting justice is not about the merits of the case; it’s about affordability and strategy
  7. Big cases that threaten the status quo are rigged to protect the system


An individual that enters a contract with MATRIXFFEEDOM has these options:

  • A full time employee
  • A full time exclusive contractor
  • A part time non exclusive contractor
  • A full or part time Network Originator, Agent and or Customer referrer