Money Creator - Question and Answer Session with Iain Clifford

Well, why are we waiting is very simple because we want to do this on a huge scale and because we’ve had off-the-chart levels of interest in this, for obvious reasons, we’re building a big infrastructure that means we’ve got to build systems, I.T. platforms. We’ve got to recruit the team. We’ve got to bring in the skillset to be able to do this, the tax filings and we’ve got to build all the infrastructure and we’ve got to be ready to be able to do it on a much bigger scale than probably anybody’s ever imagined. So that’s why we are waiting. We’re also making sure that the pilot schemes that we’ve been running and that we started in 2021, making sure that there are no glitches in anything that’s going to trip us over going forward. So, it might appear that we’re not doing very much, but look at it like the Swan on the water, you look at the Swan floating along on the surface and underneath those legs are churning away. You can’t see the legs churn away. That’s what’s going on within matrix freedom and all the teams, project management, research, testing, system building all sorts of things, recruitment, training, all of that stuff is all going on under the water that you are not seeing. And that’s why you are waiting because we’ve already had huge numbers of inquiries and that’s only going to get bigger and bigger as we go.

Well, we have the right because we are the creditor along with all the other creditors that make up 97% of the money, which is money of form that flows around the global economy. We are creditors in a bankrupt system and creditors don’t pay tax to bankrupt entities. So the country’s bankrupt, HMRCs bankrupt, all of the banks, everything is in bankruptcy, right? So when we are making payments, we are making payments as a creditor to bankrupt entities and creditors don’t pay tax to bankrupt entities, and also creditors are creators. And if you go all the way back to Genesis. The creditors, us, the living, breathing consciousness. We have dominion over the earth. We don’t pay taxes as creditors. When you become the secured party creditor of your Cestui Que Vie trust, you are the highest lien holder with an entitlement to recoup what you have created, i.e, your security futures

Well, for exactly the same reason that, until the last couple years, I didn’t know about it either. And I’ve been through a whole range of financial qualifications in the nineties and the early two thousand. This stuff is not taught in any book. There’s no university course. There’s no online course that you can take. It’s all in plain sight, and if you look at all the research documents that we have in our research library on matrix freedom and if you look at the one in a million eBook, I summarize the key bits of research that you need to look into. If you are inquisitive about what’s going on, all of this stuff is being brought together with thousands of hours of research. There’s no one book that covers all this stuff. There’s no course and all of the so-called experts that you rely on, and I used to rely on accountants, financial advisors, bankers, economists, politicians, so-called experts. Nobody teaches this stuff to these people because the system, although it’s in plain sight, is hidden. And not that many people can join all the dots up, our team has joined all the dots up. So that’s why you’re not hearing it from your accountant. your financial advisor, your banker, whoever else is that you rely on for guidance, because they just don’t know. Experts learn from other experts who learn from other experts who learn from other experts. And it all becomes common practice. And yet none of those aforementioned, they don’t actually know what’s going on because they’ve never done the research properly because they just relied on what they were taught, and what they were taught is obscuring the reality of how the system really works, because they don’t really want the masses to know. They only want one in a million to know which is why Edward Mandell house says in his quote to President Woodrow Wilson in the 1920s, only one in a million is going to figure out what’s going on. So do you want to be one in a million? You’ve got to figure out what’s going on.

Absolutely. We’ve got a track record of cheques coming back from the US department of treasury. We can show you pictures of the cheques. We’re not going to show you the names of the recipients. We’re not going to show you, give you access to going, uh, you know, call all these people up because it’s all done in the private part of being a secure party. Creditor is keeping the evidence private. Now let’s have a look at who is the US department of treasury. Why are they involved? You might be thinking, what has that got to do with them? The US department of treasury is the bookkeeper for the global creditors. So when you do your tax filing, what you’re doing is you’re sending a tax filing to the IRS, but the bookkeeper for the system is the US department of treasury. By the way, the United States of America is a company incorporated in the square mile of London. The IRS is a company incorporated in Puerto Rico. The US department of treasury is a company incorporated in Puerto Rico. So what you are doing is you are filing your taxes as a creditor, and you are requiring as a creditor, the US department of treasury to send you a cheque because the cheque they’re sending you, I’ll give you an example, when you go into a bank and you say you want a mortgage or a loan or a credit card, what you are doing is settling a security future with the bank, the bank converts it and sends it back to you as a loan. Yeah. We all get that. We’ve all been on the webinars before. We kind of understand that. Yeah. When you do a tax filing, what you are doing is you are creating a security future with your tax filing and the US department of treasuries acting as a banker. They’re gonna send you back your securities, but instead of sending them back to you as a loan that you pay interest on and have to pay the principal back, they’re gonna send it back to you as a cheque with no interest and no repayment, and that’s what’s going on. That’s why the US department of treasuries is involved. We can show you images of cheques have come in from the US department of treasury. By the way, guys, we’re not the only organization in the world that’s doing this. There are others that are doing this. It’s just that what we are doing is we’re looking to do it on a much bigger scale. Other people are doing it very privately on a very small scale because they haven’t got the infrastructure to do it big. And they are doing it because they don’t need that much to make a lot of money out from it because they charging huge fees off the back of it. We’re looking to do it on a mass scale with much lower fee ranges because it’s central to what we are doing in every other part of the matrix freedom parallel economy or parallel community.

The best way to explain this is an example, right? So, you walk in a shop and you want to buy something and you say, okay fine and the vendor, the shop merchant says, okay, you need to pay with this debit card machine. Can you put your debit card in this machine and type in your pin number? So you think ok fine, perfectly normal, yeah. So, you put your card in you type in your four-digit pin code number. What you’re actually doing there is you are signing, and you are creating a new security future. Now, when you transfer your security future, your four-digit pin and whatever the amount of the item is that you are buying from the vendor, what’s actually happening is you’re creating a new security future and your bank account appears to go down in value by the amount equivalent to the payment, which actually isn’t a payment because you’re creating a new security future. And there is no way of paying anything because there’s no money of substance in the system. Now the vendor, the shop, they receive your security future and they can send it on to the next individual company that they want to pay, and they believe that that security future they are creating Is deducted from their account. So we’ve got our account in this example, which appears to go down in value by the amount of the payment. And then you’ve got the shop, who’s going to make a payment to other people and their account appears to go down by the same amount. Now, both the person who walks in the shop and the shop who sends a payment to somebody else, both are in the belief that their account is being diminished in value by the amount of the payment, but that isn’t what’s going on at all. What’s going on is that the new security future that we typed into the debit machine, transferred a new security future. What the banks did was they deducted the exact same equivalent from our account, and they held it off their balance sheet as an off-ledger asset. So we created a new security future. The shop received it. They didn’t think anything weird was going on. And nor did we, because our account goes down by the amount of the purchase, the purchase price, the bank they took that payment out of our account off ledger because they want to recoup it as abandoned property. Our new security future can go round the system, because every time the organization, the individual, or the corporate entity that we are paying in can’t really pay cuz there’s no money of substance. They are creating a new security future. So you’ve got perpetual creation of security futures. Every time a new payment is made, it creates a new security future what’s going on is infinite creation of security futures. All of them are being recouped at the moment by the banks. They belong to you. You are the creditor, so you should be recouping them because you are a living, breathing entity as a creditor to a bankrupt system, instead of the banks recouping them, you should be recouping them.

Well, we’re going to be bringing to the market soon, the ability to reclaim the converted securities. So what I mean by that, converted securities are mortgages, loans, credit cards. So when you go into a bank, you sign an application form for a loan, a credit card or a mortgage, what you are doing is creating a new security future. Watch Richard Verner’s video, which is on most of our webinars, and you can also see it on our platform, and I believe it’s on our website. What Richard says, and for me he’s the leading expert in security futures and banking. What the banks do is they purchase a security from you. You’re the creditor you’re creating a new security future. They convert it and send it back to you as a loan. But remember banks don’t have a license to lend their own money. Banks can only lend you what you have created by converting security futures from you. So that’s what’s going on. And when you become the secured party creditor in your Cestui Que Vie trust, the highest lien holder, the biggest creditor of the trust, you can recoup the security futures that you’ve created since the age of 18. Your mortgages. Your loans, your credit cards. So watch this space cause we’re going to be bringing that out in the future. In addition to the ability to discharge your mortgage, discharge your credit cards, discharge your loans, discharge your taxes, which is all the things that we are working on now. And that is a different process so come to those webinars. And you see me present how we do that. Recoupment of securities is going to change everybody’s life.

Great question. At the top of the system, you have the banking cartel and what do they get from the system? They get a tax share of the recouped securities. To the Rothchilds the Rockefellers, all of the other families, which I talk about in the foundation knowledge webinar, they are all collecting taxes from our energy. Every time securities are recouped, they get a share. So when you are recouping your securities, instead of the clearing banks, the global controllers, the creditors, the other creditors of the system are still collecting taxes. The more security futures that are created and the more that are recouped, the more taxes go to the global creditors are a little bit like drug addicts. They love drugs. They love taxes. They love collecting them from the other creditors in the system. So they’re going to love it, because the more you recoup, the more you create, the more tax that they collect. They love it.

There is a risk and the risk is if you don’t become the secured party creditor, if you are not the highest lien holder in your Cestui Que Vie trust, and you can still recoup your securities, but you are not doing it as the lead head honcho creditor of the trust of your birth certificate trust. It’s very key. You know, there’s not a risk of going to jail, anything like that, don’t believe any stories that are put out there that where people are saying, oh, it’s all fraud, It’s all nonsense, It’s not that at all. It’s because the people that have done this process who didn’t understand or do it properly, they didn’t complete the process appropriately in accordance with how it’s being designed. The IRS puts out scare videos and scare tactics, because that’s what they do. So if you’ve seen anything negative about recoupment of securities, that’s because the system doesn’t really want people to know how it works. If you become the lead creditor, the preferred head honcho creditor, nobody else can do anything to you because you are the head honcho of your trust. You are the top of the tree, the king, the queen, by becoming the secured party creditor. There’s no risk if you’re the secured party creditor.

Well, the first thing you need to do is have a look at the one in the million ebook. Listen to it, watch it, and then go and research. If you’re into research, go and research all of the research papers that I cite in the back of the ebook, and then go into the matrix freedom platform. I don’t know how many research papers are on. There’s probably a hundred plus in there I’ve put in there and I’ve got a load more in the background.

Well, what we’re trying to do is to be able to recoup securities all year round, rather than waiting until certain times of the year. it’s looking more and more possible that we’ll be able to do securities recoupment and get tax out all the way through the year, rather than waiting for sort of a period of the year. We’re working on that now I can’t go any into any more detail because we’re, believe it or not, we are talking with the IRS, we’re talking with the US department of treasury. We’re trying to become a trustee that can enable all of this so that we can do all the things I’ve just talked about, almost in cooperation with the IRS and US department of treasury as a fiduciary trustee of the system. And when we get to that point, we should be able to recoup securities all year round.

Unfortunately, not because what’s happening there is an abuse of the system. What you can do is you can create security futures to purchase good services that are for the benefit of the beneficiary of the Cestui Que Vie trust. So who is the beneficiary? The living, breathing consciousness, living being is the beneficiary and creditor of the Cestui Que Vie trust. The trust is being set up for your benefit. So if you are purchasing goods or services that are for your benefit, you can recoup the security futures that have been used to create those things. If you just create two bank accounts and keep playing tennis, sending money back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, you are not purchasing any services and you’re not creating any benefit for you as the beneficiary. That’s an abuse of the system and they won’t let you do it.

The thing is that if it was as easy as just like, you know, going online and tapping a few buttons and they send you some money, then it would look like you didn’t have to try too hard. Wouldn’t it? Why would you need to go to work? Why would you need to do all these things to transfer all this energy to create the illusion that you’ve got to do all these things, basically it’s a control system. And what they’re doing is they’re making it look like you’ve got to qualify for all these, tick all these boxes before you get a mortgage, a loan or a credit card, because if they didn’t do it like that, more people would figure out what’s going on. It would be easier to figure out and join the dots up. So they’ve got to make it look difficult. They’ve got to have a loaded criteria in order for you to qualify. And they’ve got to have a credit score system so that if you don’t follow the rules, they can reduce your credit score because that makes it more convincing. Doesn’t it? It’s all about control and it’s all about being opaque and it’s all about confusing people because the experts don’t know how the system works. And if you rely on the experts and you go with common practice, which is how the whole system is built, then the only thing to do is to go along with common practice, tick all the boxes on the applications, follow the rules, act as a good citizen slave and effectively take back what’s yours in the form of a loan where they can charge you interests on what you’ve already created, and then they can securitize it, sell it, you’re selling your energy. They’re getting the benefit and you are paying them a share of your energy going forward as a slave, as a debtor, as a trustee who always pays in the Cestui Que Vie trust. But actually you are the creditor and that’s what they don’t really want you to know, only one of the million has figured it out. So if you come back to the ebook and read about it, it’s only five pages. It’s a 17 minute video, 17 minutes, change your life.

Well, we’ve recently become an acceptance agent for the IRS that took a few months to get that process done and to be approved now as an acceptance agent, it means that we could submit the evidence required to prove that you are who you say you are. That’s why we need a passport and we’re going to be bringing a notary into matrix freedom. Who’s going to be notarizing all the document evidence to prove who you are, which means that we don’t need to send passports anywhere. You just need to get the passports to us. We’re going to try and make that as easy as possible. The documents will be notarized. Then you get your passport back. So I don’t know if that answers the question, but that’s the system that we’re building.

Well, we’re going to be giving a lot of intellectual property away and the main reason for it is to protect the dark energy coming into what we are doing. So what we are trying to do is to protect the light energy. Now, as you go through this, you’re going to learn more and more and more about how the system is being wired up and how it works, what’s going on. We want to make sure that we keep that on the light side of the ledger. So if you think of another ledger, you’ve got dark and light on the ledger, for the system to work, it’s like two sides of the same coin. You’ve got dark side, light side, you’ve got up, down left, right, dark and light, right and wrong. And what we don’t want going forward is dark energy coming into what we’re doing, which is why we want you, If you want to commit to doing this for 10 years, at least, and stay with us on the light side and not be seduced by moving into the dark side, because there are others out there doing this, but they’re doing it on the dark side of that ledger. And that’s why we want to lock you in for 10 years. If you don’t want to do it, don’t sign the contract.

No, because your bank, your building society, it’s not going to have really any effect on them because what you are doing is you’re complying with the system. If you’ve got a mortgage or a loan or a credit card, for example, and you discharge it, what you are actually doing is you’re giving drugs to a drug addict. You’re giving them what they want. You’re sending them new money if you’re discharging anything. And if you’re recouping securities, the global creditors, that’s the controllers of the whole system. Those that created the system, they still collect taxes. So it has no effect on those that run the global control system. So everybody’s happy, by the way, at the very top of the current, it is the IMF international monetary fund. Now, what do you think they did. They’re like the auditor company for all of the central banks and that’s who is collecting the taxes, the IMF. It makes no difference to them whether, you know, you recoup your security futures, taxes and pay them a tax, or whether your bank does it and pay them a tax. It doesn’t make any difference to the people at the top of the pyramid. They still get their taxes. It has no effect. If that’s, you know, you’re building society and bank, aren’t going to have a go at you because it makes no difference to those that run the system.

No limit. The only thing that counts is that you are the highest lien holder, the preferred party creditor of your Cestui Que Vie trust. You could have a billion bank accounts. It would make no difference because every time you create a security and you flow it through one of your billion accounts, it’d be impossible to have it probably, but you are still recouping what you have created. Your bank account is just a conduit to transfer your securities through. That’s all it is.

Very soon, because when you run a business, what is the business? If it’s a company, a sole trader or a partnership, it’s all corporate because you are an individual that’s being settled into a trust as a corporate entity and what is a corporate entity? What is a ‘corp’? A Corp is a dead entity, Corpus, corporation, dead, right? So you are, if you have a company, a sole trader or a partnership, all of those three are dead corporate entities by design. Because if you are a sole trader or a partner, you are operating inside your foreign situs trust your Cestui Que Vie trust as a dead corporate entity. if you are a director and shareholder of a company and you are using your signature to send payments through your company, to other parties who is the creditor? You are, whether you are doing it through a company, through a sole trader through a partnership who is the creditor. Remember there are two you’s. You number one, is the living conscious breathing energy. You number two, is the strawman inside the foreign situs trust in a dead corp, Corpus, corporate entity. So when you form a company, all you are still doing is transferring your energy to security futures from you as the creditor, through your strawman, your company that you formed to do your trading in the commerce system, you are still the creditor and you can still recoup what is yours because you created it.

As soon as we’ve got all of our ducks in a row, and we’ve ironed out any of the glitches and the potential glitches in this big system we’re building. And as soon as we are hundred percent sure that we are not taking any risks for you or for us, until we’ve got all those things lined up, we’re not going to be submitting anything.

I’m pretty confident that we will get reclaims recoupments between now and September. I’m confident because we’re already doing it. We have been doing it, but the way we were doing it at the beginning we were not doing the secured party creditor. So we’re, we’re getting that in place. and once we’ve got that in place, I believe that there is enough time left between now and September to make recoupments happen. Now I might be wrong and maybe we won’t deliver it, but I’m working around the clock to make it happen because I want it just as much as you guys do.

Well, that’s a great question and it foxed me for a while because I’m thinking, how are they bankrupt? They seem to have balance sheets, they traded on stock markets. You know, all these things that all these auditors surely they’d be, you know, somebody be saying their bankrupt wouldn’t they? But here’s the answer. Every corporate entity is in bankruptcy, even though they appear to be solvent, how can they be solvent when there is no money of substance in the system, everything is ledgers, everything is fiction. So if the banks are operating in a fictional system on a monopoly board, where they appear to be solvent, as governments appear to be, or potentially solvent, some of them don’t appear to be that way at all. But everything on the monopoly board is bankrupt. It has to be. Now you might say, well, why is it bankrupt here? And that sounds ridiculous. I thought it was ridiculous until I figured it out. Every single country is a corporate entity and they’re all part of the UCC, the universal commercial code., and they all became members of the universal commercial code because every single country is bankrupt because the creditors, that’s the global banking cartel, has lent all of the countries, corporate entities, money, let’s just call it money, and they lent them because of wars that were financed across the ages. So every single country that started off as a non- corporate entity, became a corporate entity because the banking cartel said, Hey, okay guys, we’ve created a war somewhere and you guys are going to fight it for us, send all your young men into the killing fields. Cause that’s what happens. Guess what? You need some money to finance your wars, don’t you. So we are going to send that money to you, but you have to become a corporate entity to receive our loans. Where are the loans from, the IMF. What are special drawing rights? Do some research, it’s our energy. So all of these wars created corporate entities, otherwise known as countries. They’re all in bankruptcy because that’s how the IMF and the global system controls all of the countries, which are actually corporate entities, in chapter 11 bankruptcy, go and look at chapter 11, bankruptcy in the United States Of America corporation, all countries they’re operating in chapter 11, bankruptcy, which means they can carry on. It looks like they’re operating Solvently, but actually they’re not.

Well, you have to complete, and this is what we are working on to make it as streamlined and easy as possible. You have to become the secured party creditor by a process of filings with the UCC and there’s a whole number of steps to do it properly. There’s many people out there offering courses and doing crazy stuff that is going to get people into trouble. You’ve got to do this properly and that’s one of the things that we are working on is to make sure we do it absolutely correctly. Once you’ve become the secured party creditor. Let me give you a clue, when your mother, the grantor and settler of you, the res’ property in a trust and your treated land, settled into the foreign situs trust, the birth certificate trust, the Cestui Que Vie trust. What’s going on in that process is the transfer of the energy, the future energy of you as a living being that’s what they’re enslaving. That’s what they’re harnessing in the system. Okay. Now, when you become the secured party creditor, you are the highest lien holder of your Cestui Que Vie trust. Now you are actually treated in the global system as a foreign a-lien foreign lien holder. A lien, that’s what a foreign alien is. You are all foreign aliens. So am I, so is everybody, everybody who’s got a national insurance number is treated as a foreign alien, a lien, a lien over the trust. You become the highest creditor, the head honcho of the trust by filings and creating a secure party creditor by filing a lien over your trust.