Mortgagefree Q&A with Iain Clifford

The reason is very simple. The whole of the monetary system is financed by our promises to pay and the FCA, the banks, the land registry, the courts, none of these organizations, which you may want to believe are there for your protection, actually want you to know this. So if that is the backdrop to what is going on, it’s not just in the UK, it’s a global monetary system that all works in the same way. If that is what is going on, can you realistically expect to beat the system very easily? If you could beat the system very easily, wouldn’t that spread to all parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be so easy for everyone just to say, all you’ve gotta do is fill out a couple of forms and you eliminate your mortgage and get all your payments back. Wouldn’t that undermine the whole fraudulently, rigged cons, a conceived system. I can tell you that that’s what they are afraid of. That’s what the people that run the monetary system are afraid of.

Every payment that you make, every loan, credit card, mortgage that you create. You are paying a tax into the system as a creditor, you are a creditor to a bankrupt global monetary system. I go through this in detail on the foundation knowledge webinar. Creditors do not pay debtors taxes. Creditors are entitled to a recoupment of their tax.

So when you make payments through your bank accounts, when you go in and get a mortgage, you are paying a tax as a creditor to a bankrupt system. The banks, the nations are all in bankruptcy. If you think of it as chapter 11 bankruptcy, like in the U.S, you are a creditor, you are paying taxes. When you make payments, there is no money of substance. As a creditor, you can file a tax assessment and recoup your taxes as a creditor. That is what we are going to assist you in doing. When you do a tax filing, you can get back the taxes that you have paid, as a creditor you shouldn’t be paying tax. So the remedy to the mortgage problem is to create more payments and recoup them, and then use that money you have recouped, to discharge the mortgage. I explain it on the mortgage free webinar. I explain it on the foundation knowledge. I explain it on the money creator. I explain it on the abundance infinite returns webinar. And if you really want to get into detail in the very near future for those people who want technical detail, I’m going to do a technical webinar on this. Because when you understand this, that you are the creditor, you are the money, you supply the money it’s yours, and you can recoup it if you know how to do a tax recruitment, that will change your life. That’s how you get abundance, by recouping your taxes that you shouldn’t be paying. I’m not talking about taxes to HMRC by the way. I’m talking about payments and mortgages and loans and credit cards. They are all taxes from you, the creditor, and you don’t pay tax as creditors because the system is bankrupt. It might sound like, wow, what in earth is this guy talking about? How can we be paying taxes? Surely we pay taxes to HMRC.

Surely we can’t recover them because the people we’re paying are gonna lose out. No, come to the mortgage free webinar, the money creator, the foundation knowledge webinar, and the abundance infinite returns and this jigsaw puzzle will gradually unwind. So how long does it take? Well, you have to create the payments first and then you have to recoup them and the IRS, cuz it’s all done through the IRS. You might think now he’s gone too far. The IRS is in the United States of America. Isn’t it? The IRS is in Puerto Rico. It’s a company. It’s not a government department. The United States of America is a company that registered in London. It’s not United States of America. The land mass, the IRS is a tax collector for the creditor. You are the credit. So, you’ve got to create some payments. We’re gonna show you how to do that on the webinars. You then recoup that once you’ve recouped it, you’ve got new money in your hands to discharge your mortgage and get all your payments back and money on top and you’re not going to war anybody. You’re just recouping what belongs to you because you are the creditor. I can’t tell you exactly how long it’s gonna take, because it depends on, we are rolling out the money creator service. Now we’re working round the clock on this. We’re also doing the abundant infinite returns. These two will be available in July, August time. Once we’ve got those in place, we can create the solution and roll it out and you will have a recoupment and then you’ll gonna discharge your mortgage as soon as possible. Believe me when I say this, I want everybody on tonight’s webinar and everybody else to have the remedy tomorrow.

The fiscal year for the IRS, It goes October to September. It depends on when you do your filing and that’s why I can’t specifically answer the question. You’ve got to file at the right time to get your payments that you’ve made in the right IRS tax year of, you know, October round to September. So if we can get all of the payments recouped the claim will go in September of this year, but recoupment of the taxes, which is the securities you’ve created. So it could be, it could be around September of this year. It could be, I’m not promising anything. It could be. I, I want it to be tomorrow guys, if it’s September fantastic. If it’s next year, let’s be honest, you can recoup all of your payments that we are gonna show you how to do and re get rid of your mortgage and get all your payments back on multiple mortgages. I know you all want the remedy tomorrow. I want it tomorrow, but if it comes next year, is it not better than never? Is it not better than going to war with the banks and they bogged you down for 10 years in the courts? Is it not better than that? Cause I’d say it is. I thought the banks in court guys I know how difficult it is.

Yeah, because if you make an appointment with the provider of that mortgage and say, I’m gonna come and transfer the balance to your account this afternoon, will you release me from the mortgage? What’s their answer gonna be? Uh, yes. That’s what we’re gonna show you how to do. Yeah, in layman’s language, you are paying the mortgage off. Yeah, exactly what the mortgage provider wants because they love that stuff. You are giving heroin to heroin addicts. They love it. They’re getting what they want.

Yes they are. Every mortgage is created in the same way. If you UN peel the onion enough, you’ll find a bank. Yeah. Yeah, because the banks are given conversion licenses. What’s a conversion license converting your credit into debt that they benefit from. That’s what a conversion license is. And the rigged system only gives it to banks. Why? Because the banks are all in a cartel. So they give a license to their cartel members. They don’t give it to anybody else, go and try and get a banking license and see how you get on. They won’t give it to you cuz you’re not in their club. You know, if you’ve gotta be in their club to get a license, you ain’t in it, nor am I nor is anybody else that you probably know.

We’ll be offering some things that I’m not gonna explain tonight that will protect property. Yeah. That will actually give true protection of the property against any other creditor that comes along and we’ll be rolling something out, which I’m not gonna explain tonight, which is gonna blow people’s minds.

Well, the smartest thing to do, and I, I, I’m not recommending anything. Anybody do anything. Cause this is what I would do if I am, if I’m got a mortgage and I don’t want any problems with the mortgage provider, I would carry on paying it. And then I would recoup all of those payments that you have made to the mortgage provider. So, for example, you’re paying 500 pounds a month to mortgage provider X, Y, Z, and, and you’d pay 500 pounds a month for a year until you get the recruitment and the remedy. So you’ve paid 6,000 pounds out.Iin our program mindset. You’ve paid out 6,000. Yeah. Then you re you, um, discharge the mortgage and the 6,000 that you’ve paid out. So remember you are the creditor, you recoup that. So all you’ve done is cash flow it and then recoup it. So you’re not really any worse off are you? In fact, you’re better off cuz you’re gonna recoup a lot more than the payments. You’re gonna recoup a lot more If you come to the, uh, money creator, abundance, infinite returns and mortgage free webinar you’ll see what I’m talking about. So as long as you can afford to pay 500 pounds a month in this example, and not cause any problems with the mortgage provider, you’re gonna get it all back plus much more on top. And not just one year, you are gonna get your payments back every year. Going forward. We’re offering that as our offer. We’re going to show you how to get a recoupment of your payments every year, going forward and we’re offering it to those who joined in 2019 and 2020, without us charging you a penny piece to put the system together for your payments, the recoupment of your payments. That’s the last three years of your payments. This is nothing to do with discharging mortgages. This is your payments. The last three years of your payments from your bank accounts, credit cards, we’re gonna show you how to recoup them and we’re not gonna charge you anything up front for doing it. That is our offer to you. If you joined in 2019 and 2020. Now why would we do that If we didn’t believe that we could recoup help you recoup payments, why would we spend fortunes on a big team of administrators? If we didn’t believe that we could do it, what would be the purpose of it? We’d be a bit stupid wouldn’t we?