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Your MATRIXFREEDOM question and answer by Iain Clifford

MATRIXFREEDOM question and answer webinar with Iain Clifford


* 3 Phases of Evolutions

  • Land Registry
  • Simon Goldberg / Andy Jackman
  • What’s happening now?

* Transformation Plan – Why is Iain introducing a Transformation Plan

* Communications to the Office – How you will be communicating with the office

* Coda Interview

* The SPC Process

* Acting as a SPC and avoiding Joinder

* Birth Certificate Trust Access (Exemption account) what can be purchased

* Exemption Account risk of clawback

* Solving problems

* CQV Trustees and their role

* Securities Recoupment

“MATRIXFREEDOM is evolving into the world’s biggest provider of financial abundance solutions

This monthly webinar aims to answer your questions on our progress so far and the path ahead!”

Iain Clifford founder MATRIXFREEDOM

In this webinar, Iain answered questions from members on

  • The evolution of MATRIXFREEDOM
  • The additional benefits of becoming an Secured Party Creditor
  • The additional benefits from the Roadmap to Freedom

The Problem

You are probably operating as a debtor in the system, an economic surf to debt and taxes, you may have job or business uncertainties, you may be fearful of what volatility in the investment markets may do to your perceived wealth, worried about inflation, interest rate increases and other things that cause fear.

If this is your mindset, you are operating as a debtor.

You now know that your NAME is not you, it is a corporate Citizen, it’s your agent in commerce.

You also know that you, the living entity (man or woman) together with other living entities are the source of 97% of the worlds credit via the issuance of Security Futures.

The Solution

By combining the MATRIXFREEDOM solutions you can create a life of financial abundance.

You have a choice, live as a debtor, or live as a creditor, which do you choose.

Asking your questions

To ask your questions on our progress so far and the path ahead visit the MATRIXFREEDOM platform, navigate to the menu on the left-hand side and complete the question form.

If your question relates to an administration matter on an existing solution, one of the team will reply to you separately.

If your question relates to the solutions, how they work or the strategic direction that MATRIXFREEDOM is taking Iain will answer your questions on this monthly webinar.