MONEY CREATOR – Question and Answer Session with Iain Clifford

Iain Clifford invites you to a Mortgagefree Evolution – Benefits of being an Early Supporter webinar

Learn more about how the money system really works and why you are a creditor and money creator and can reclaim or recoup your securities

Discover how to become One in a million that has figured the system out by watching then video below and or reading the eBook One in a million

The webinar covers:

  • A recap of the system
  • You have the right to recoup your payments and loans
  • You are a creditor

These questions and more are answered on the webinar by Iain:

  1. Why are we waiting
  2. Can you explain in simple terms how the money system works and why the person or company I’m paying lose out
  3. Can you explain in simple terms why we have a right to “Reclaim our payments”
  4. Why doesn’t my accountant and financial adviser know about payment reclaims
  5. Is there a track record
  6. What else can be reclaimed
  7. Why wont this be stopped by the system
  8. Is there a risk with securities reclaims and if so what is it and how do we avoid it
  9. What can I read to enable me to understand it more
  10. What else will MTRXF do with securities reclaims

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