Tax Pilot Scheme Question and Answer Session with Iain Clifford

Iain Clifford webinar invitation – Sovereign Reserve – Solving the Credit Score Problem

We appreciate that some of our early supporters of Sovereign Reserve (credit) may have effected credit scores.

You are the Creditor and source of money creation

Those who attended my Foundation Knowledge webinar or have reviewed the MATRIXFREEDOM technical libraries comprehend how the Cestui Que Vie trust works. The living man and woman are creditors to the monetary system. Money (so-called) has no substance; it’s debt-based; we (alive man and woman) are the creditors, the source of the money and our Strawman/Citizen is treated as a debtor playing the game of commerce on a monopoly board. It is our Strawman/Citizen that is in debt to the credit card or loan company and our alive man/woman that settles the fake credit liability.

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