A Low Risk Investment with Infinite Returns

“Enjoy infinite investment returns from this low-risk loan note programme and use the returns to solve multiple problems…

Once you understand how Abundance Infinite Returns works you will realise it’s the holy grail of investments!”

Iain Clifford founder MATRIXFREEDOM

Use the Returns to Solve These Problems

  1. Capital growth and income
  2. Mortgage Elimination and recovering all payments 
  3. Wrongdoing damages monetisation
  4. Pension Income Maximisation
  5. Property Income Maximisation
  6. Business expansion funding
  7. Project finance funding

Returns Example

A one-yearinvestment is expected to return a 650%

A two-year investment is expected to return 1,250%
A five-year investment is expected to return 5,900%

When you operate as a sentient being using the principals of Law Merchant, you can:

Business Model

Through the application of financial engineering and a deep understanding of the global money system, Abundance Infinite Returns enables noteholders to enjoy infinite returns via the creation of Money of Exchange (spendable money) whilst their note principal remains in cash to avoid the volatility of investment capital markets.

Infinite Returns

Created by partial or full re-investment of newly created money


  1. The company avoids the volatility of investment capital markets by holding funds in cash
  2. Repo facilities are protected via the S.W.I.F.T system and strength of the custodial banks

The Offer

  1. Zero Coupon Bond Debenture Backed
  2. Note Capital Raise £250,000,000
  3. Term One Year Renewable
  4. Minimum Subscription £25,000
  5. Maximum Subscription £100,000,000
  6. Returns Infinite*
* Subject to reinvestment

Investor Comforts

  • Experienced board of directors
  • Full recourse debenture
  • Funds held in cash via independent custodial banks
  • Repo facilities operated under S.W.I.F.T
  • Unique Expertise of Technical Team

Note Holder Categories

  1. Sophisticated Investors
  3. SIPP Trustees
  4. SSAS Trustees
  5. Money Purchase Pension Trustees
  6. Family Offices
  7. Hedge Funds

To find out how you could start enjoying infinite returns and solving financial problems attend the webinar

Subjects Covered

  • The structure
  • The business model
  • Banks don’t lend money or take deposits – you are the money creator
  • The process
  • One year investment  – 650% x return
  • Two year investment – partial returns reinvestment – 1,900% return
  • Five year investment  – partial returns reinvestment  – 5,900% return
  • Building infinite returns
  • 7 financial solutions
  • Note holder categories
  • Loan note terms
  • Summary
  • The biggest secret foundation knowledge summary
  • 7 ways to free yourself from commerce servitude
  • Webinar series
  • Connect with MATRIXFREEDOM
  • The directors
  • References
  • Q&A

The questions answered on the webinar

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