Iain Clifford

Reclaim Your Payment Securities

Never worry about overspending ever again?

Once you realise that you are a Money Creator and have entitlement to reclaim your payments you will never worry about how much you spend ever again

By operating as a creditor instead of a debtor, you can reclaim your last three years’ payments and every year going forward

Payment reclaims will enable you to experience a state of financial abundance beyond your wildest dreams

A Reclaim Example:-

John Smith spends £50,000 each year via his digitally made payments from his bank accounts. John can reclaim £150,000 for the last three years and £50,000 each year going forward (Deductions applied)

Q – Why can John make the reclaim

A – John is a source of money, as a Money Creator John is entitled to reclaim his payment securities as in equity, they belong to him

Q – Won’t the people that John pays lose out

A – No everyone that receives John’s payment securities gets full value from them and will not lose out.

To find out how this is possible attend the webinar

Join our live webinar where we cover

  • The significance of the birth certificate trust
  • Your public estate – the credit side of your birth certificate trust
  • Your payments are promises to pay – newly created security futures
  • Banks don’t lend money or take deposits – you are the money creator
  • Double entry bookkeeping – assets match liabilities
  • The bankers creative accounting switch
  • The pledge of our creative energy – Colonel Edward Mandlehouse
  • All nations are bankrupt corporations
  • The bankruptcy creditors
  • I.R.S the creditors debt collector
  • Return to sender – securities reclaim
  • Reclaim your last three years payment securities and every future year
  • A facilitated service that makes it easy
  • References
  • How to reclaim your payment securities for free
  • Foundation knowledge
  • 7 ways to free yourself from commerce servitude
  • Other webinars
  • Q&A

The questions answered on the webinar

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