Your MATRIXFREEDOM questions answered by Iain Clifford

“I got involved, as a young lad of 19 years of age, in financial services and the first two or three years, I didn’t have any qualifications. Back in the early 1980’s, you didn’t have to be qualified to go out there and talk about money-related matters, you just had to be able to explain things. I got involved then and I became pretty successful. I was able to understand what people’s problems were and I was able to come up with solutions and that’s always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. Many people have said that I appear to have a talent in doing that and I’ve progressed through my career and built many, many businesses, all really trying to do one thing, which is to take complex problems, and come up with relatively simple solutions, even though in the background or underneath the bonnet, the complexity of making them work would be difficult for a lot of people to understand. The outcome of solving the problem is to try and make it as simple as possible for the person or persons that have the problem to come and enjoy the benefit of the outcome of the solution. That’s what I’ve always done. I’ve created about 15 different businesses in my 38-year career, some of them have been listed on stock exchanges, some of them were partnerships with household names and some didn’t work. I’ll be very, very honest about that, entrepreneurs don’t have a hundred per cent track record in everything they do, but there’s one central theme and everything I have brought to the table that’s worked, which is a determination to overcome any obstacles to get the outcome and that’s what my character is. That’s what I do.”

Well, when you work in the matrix and you become fairly successful in the matrix, you can be seduced to believe that the matrix is actually looking after you and all the time It appears to be looking after you, you don’t have any reason to challenge it. Which is why so many people who appear to be doing very well, don’t really want to come and have a look at matrix freedom for example. Some of them do, but a lot of them look at it and think, no, that’s not for me, I don’t need that. But for those who do need the solutions and there are millions in the world, maybe billions in the world that need the solutions that we’re bringing a branding even. Most of those people have come to this space for different reasons. There’s not all the same reason as to why people get it. If you look at Kevin Stanford who, for those who don’t know, he’s a brand ambassador he got here because he was extremely successful, and the matrix took him down. He tried to get remedy in the matrix, don’t know where, and then he came across matrixfreedom and we’ve been helping him ever since. My situation was rather similar. I was very successful in the matrix, I got taken down by the financial recognizes and the bank. I’m not going to bore people with a long story. I tried to get remedy in the matrix in the legal system. It didn’t work. I tried for the 10 years to get remedy and I gradually woke up to the realization that you’re not going to get remedy in the matrix by fighting it. Now, all the solutions that we are bringing in the matrixfreedom range is peaceful, they are all designed to be in harmony with the system, working within the system to get remedy from this. If you think of it like, on the foundation knowledge webinar I talk about monopoly, so if you’re going to be good at playing monopoly, you need to know the rules of the monopoly game, you’ve got to be knowing how to navigate round the board and what to do every step and that’s what matrix freedom solutions are designed to do. They’re designed to look at how the matrix works. The matrix is the monopoly board. The way that the matrix is set up is it may appear. And it did appear to me at the beginning of my knowledge and my awakening. It did appear to me as if there was the game was rigged against you and it was impossible to win the game. That’s how it appeared to me for quite some time. But the more you get into this and the more research you do, and the more learning you do, the more you realize that the game is actually set up for us to win. I’ll say that again. The game of the matrix, the game of monopoly is actually set up for us to win, but only if we know how to play now, what we’re doing with all of the solutions matrix freedom is knowing how to play and we are applying the game in the way it’s intended to be played as the creditor of the system. Most of us, including me and many people here tonight, have a data mindset. And I’m not saying that to offend anybody, but it’s just the way we’ve all been programmed. We come into this world as creditors. We are the creditors to the system. We are the creators. And when we realize our powers and know how to play the game of monopoly, we can remedy all the problems. We can create financial abundance. I didn’t know it when I was working in the matrix. If you have lots of challenges, that’s when you may start to look into things and that’s often the catalyst for waking up to the other options that are out there, but it doesn’t matter how you get here. All that matters is you need to know how to play the game of monopoly, the way it’s been designed, and you need to play it as a creditor. And if you do that for the problems that appear to be there and maybe appear to be impossible become actually quite easy to solve.

Well, I want the world of where people have the abundance in their lives so that they can create the lifestyle that they want and they can bring value to other people. If you’re living in an abundant lifestyle, You’re going to be bringing value to other people. And that’s what really motivates me to bring all the financial, the solutions and the financial abundance that we’re trying to offer people through the solutions. That’s why, for any everybody now and many, many thousands, maybe millions going forward. I want that. And it really going motivation for me, having lived through some really dark times myself. I don’t want anybody to go through that. I’d like to give them remedy before they even got anywhere near that, the level of dark times that I had for a while so I’m very motivated to do this.

We’ve been asked this question on individual webinars and it’s a great question. And it shows that a lot of people are interested in what we’re doing and that’s very refreshing. The answer is simple. We are building our foundation range of solutions and we are working around the clock. We’ve got a big team working on developing all of the background services, platforms, processes, recruitment, training, all of those things you’ve got to do. We’re pretty big now we’ve got lots of people in our teams. We were exponentially growing, we’re also looking to move into much bigger offices. We’re looking to really have a platform that will enable us to pick up our solutions and offer them into all different regions of the planet. How is that going to be possible for Australia, it’s different from Canada and Canada is different from the U S and the U S is different from Norway. And all of these, you pick any country, people are gonna say, how are you going to apply what you do in all of these different places? So for that question, Now the answer is simple. We already lived in a one world commerce system. The global system is already here for those who haven’t realized that it’s not region by region, country by country. We have a global commerce system. Now at the top of the system, if you think the system is a pyramid, the world like a one big holding company and every country has a corporate entity and every corporate entity works in the same way, essentially the commerce system is global and it’s the same everywhere in essence. So, when you look at some of the problems that people face. People have got debt. People have got taxes. People have got mortgages; people have got lack of income. People want to overcome problems that have been caused by wrongdoing. So, if you think of all the core things that matrix freedom is offering, if you come to any of the foundation knowledge or solutions in a nutshell webinar, you’ll see all of the solutions that we’re developing and offering that basically all caused by one problem, which is operating as a debtor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, America, Norway, anywhere, and honestly it doesn’t matter where you are. If you’re operating as a debtor and not as a creditor, then you’re going to have challenges and problems. So, operating as the creditor to create new money to your mortgage discharge, your credit cards, discharge any bill or anything that you you’re ‘struggling to pay’, because for those who’ve been to the foundation knowledge webinar, you’ll know that you can’t pay anything, you can only discharge because there is no money of substances, any money form, It’s just all legends. There’s no money. And this is one of the biggest things that is difficult for many people to get their head around, that there is no money. Now on the basis that it’s all ledgers and it’s all money form and that you are the, you are the energy, the labour that creates 97% of the so-called money as the creditor of the system in a bankrupt global system, where every country has a corporate entity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, America, anywhere, you could be anyone. If you come to matrix freedom, we show you how to create new money, which is operating as a creditor. Then you can discharge your mortgage. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can discharge because you’re paying it. You’re getting rid of it through paying it. You signed with your credit cards, sign with your taxes. If you’ve got a case and someone’s cheated you and you want to convert your wrongdoing into new money, we do a whole webinar on this. It’s the same solution. The solution is the same for everything. It’s create new money by operating as a creditor to discharge your problems, your liability. And the way that we do that, I’m not going to go into all the technical explanations because give data, come to the various webinars to learn how we, how do you present your money in it? It’s relatively simple. If you know how, and I come to the webinars and I go through it step by step by step. So, the same solution of discharge works no matter where you are in the world, and that’s why matrix freedom will be able to go to all of these different regions of the world and offer its range of solutions because they work everywhere. It’s just a matter of time before we get to your part of the world and we can run it all from a central office. We’ll have staff the come in at different times of our UK daytime to be able to offer the support and the meetings and all the other things to different regions of the world on different times zones, because the solutions apply just about anywhere. It’s just different times zones. So hope that’s answered that.

We run webinars every Tuesday evening, the foundation knowledge webinar that is just mentioned and on Thursdays, solutions in a nutshell. Now we do run every other week specific ones like sovereign reserve, natural justice, money creator, abundance affinity returns and mortgage free, so we do run a lot of them. So just check your emails with an invitation and just registered. Not only do we do them during the week, but we also do them at the weekends as well.

Well, it’s by simple, there’s two reasons why the first reason is we don’t do anything that requires a regulatory license. If you manage people’s money for them, you need a license. If you advise people on their financial affairs, you need a license. If you’re offering people insurance contracts, you need a license. If you’re offering a custody service, if you’re offering a banking service, you need a license. Matrix freedom doesn’t do any of those things. What we do is we facilitate our members to carry out their own remedy as a private secretary, we’re not advising anybody. We’re not managing anybody’s money. We’re not holding anybody’s money as a custodian. We’re not writing insurance policies. We’re not offering banking services. We’re not doing anything that requires a regulatory license. So that’s the first reason why we don’t have a license because we don’t need them, but there’s a better reason than that. That is that if we have a license and if the system didn’t, warm to the nature and substance of our solutions they’d take our license. So if they felt that we weren’t in harmony with how the system works, whatever their reasons are, if they thought we were upsetting, disrupting the status quo, then they would simply take our license away or restrict what we could do because licensing is about control, I don’t want to be controlled by any license in any country, because as soon as you have a license, you are now controlled by the system, the very people that are running the matrix. That’s one of the main reasons that most of the professionals that have a license, aren’t aware of the solutions that matrix freedom offers because they’ve been trained and programmed not to be aware of them and they won’t look at them because if they do get them, they might lose their license. So having a license is a very negative thing If you’re trying to get any type of abundance because the system doesn’t want people to have financial abundance. So that’s the main reason why we don’t need or have a license.

There is already a digital central system, it’s run by the IMF. It’s run through the IRS. It’s run through the bank of international settlements. It’s there, we already have a digital system. The only thing we don’t have is a digital system that is connected to your behaviour, your conduct as a citizen, as a debtor in the system. That’s what agenda 2030 is about. It’s linking your behaviour to the already existing centralized digital system its already in place. There’s nuances of difference between having a cryptocurrency global system and having the existing fiat digital system. A cryptocurrency digital system, which is what many people are predicting is going to happen. Central banks bringing digital currency to the world. Yeah. That’s what many people are saying, we’ve already got it. The fiat money system is the digital system. There’s no substance to, what do they call it, Cryptocurrency, whatever they call it It’s the same thing, it’s already in place. Now you see if there was substance behind money, gold, silver, something of substance then you wouldn’t be able to run the digital system and the way it’s run today, the digital system, as it runs today is all about control. It doesn’t matter whether you call it cryptocurrency, fiat currency, a dollar, a pound, It doesn’t matter because they’re all digital currencies now and they’re all centrally controlled. The only difference between what they’re planning to bring in and what is already in place is being able to restrict what you can spend on your digital card. Okay. That’s the only real main, substantial difference between what we already have and what they’re planning to bring in.

We’ve been absolutely inundated with interest in this and obviously it’s a, it’s going to be a massive game changer for anybody who gets involved in it. I’m very excited by it. It is for me you know having woken up to how to play the monopoly going pretty well. In recent years, to me, it’s a massive game changer and let me explain what we’re doing to make it live. So, we need to create a panel of bank facilities, that’s bank accounts for our members, and we’re working on that. So for example, if anybody tonight is interested and it’s obviously sounds like there are people here who are interested in your abundance program, what we’re planning to do is set up a new bank account for each abundance client. Those clients will buy a bond note. They’re subscribing for a note with the abundance program, and they’re going to receive money back, money of account. We’re going to send money of account, to each member in a newly opened account. That newly opened bank account is in the client’s name, in the member’s name and what we want is we want to have a range of accounts, and it may be that your current account is suitable for this but it may be that we need to open, or you need to open additional accounts. So opening bank accounts is fairly straightforward. There’s lots of online bank accounts you can open quite quickly, as long as you’ve got the evidence of who you are and you’ve got a track record and you’re able to open a bank account. This should be quite simple. So we are establishing a panel of banking facilities that we’re going to say are the suitable for the purposes of the abundance program. We’re not controlling these bank accounts. We’re not even going to be opening them. You’re going to be opening them with our assistance. You’re employing us as your secretary to open bank accounts that are suited to the abundance program. So that’s the first step and we’re working on that. Now, we’re also working on the platform that tracks all of the administration. It’s a big administration project. So if you can get your mindset into how does it all work in the background, we’ve got to better track all of the transactions going from our centralized account, into the client’s bank account. We’ve got to be able to track the money coming back again. Now, the way we’re going to do this is we’re going to have a transfer of money of exchange to the clients either newly created bank account or their existing bank account, depending on what it is and how it works, because there’s certain criteria bank accounts that we need to have in place for it to work. The client is going to be paying for the abundance program as a service. Okay. So you’re sending money back. What you’re doing with that is you’re repaying the facility, but you’re also buying a service and you’ll be buying a service from, if you think of it like a triangle, we’re at the top of the triangle, we provide the money of exchange. We send it to an account here in the client’s name. Yeah. And they’re buying a service from our other company, which is over this side of the triangle. So it’s a typical triangle with three points, the client, and two of our services. One service provides the money of exchange. The other, point of the triangle provides the service. So you receive money and you’ve paid money back to the service provider. You receive it from us In your bank account and you pay it back to one of our other companies, which is providing the abundance reclaim of security service. When you understand that you are a creditor to the system, I’ve said, I keep on saying it and when you understand what that means, your birth certificate has a ledger. You have a debit side and a credit side of your birth certificate. Your birth certificate is the Cestui Que Vie trust. It’s created following the birth registration, this trust You are currently the beneficiary of the Cestui Que Vie trust. That’s how it works. As the beneficiary, you are a creditor in the system and your straw man citizen is given privileges in exchange for the ability to discharged debt. So I’m going to say that again, you are a beneficiary of a trust. The trust is called the Cestui Que vue trust. It’s created following the registration of your birth. You are the beneficiary of that trust. As a beneficiary, you are a creditor in the system already. You don’t have to create a new status. You already are the beneficiary. How does the beneficiary, you are creating security futures all the time

Yeah. Well, based on all the research I’ve done. Well, what you’re saying there about common law and maritime, it doesn’t have any bearing on the birth certificate Cestui Que vie trust. You see many people say that what matrix freedom is doing is living in the private. So if you remember, you’ve got the Cestui Que Vie trust, you’ve got the credit side and you’ve got the debit side of the ledger. You’ve got the strawman that is operating on the debit side of the ledger. Yeah, By design, this is, this is how the system has been set up to keep you on the control. It doesn’t matter what law you want to operate under the trust is the Cestui Que Vie trust, it’s trust law. It’s nothing to do with maritime law. It’s nothing to do with common law. It’s trust law, the Cestui Que Vie is a trust. Everything is a trust. If I say to Sims, would you like this pen? And she says, yeah, I’ll take it from you. I’ll look after it for you. She has become my trustee, of the pen is the res. The res is the property that goes in the trust. It’s all trust law. You see there’s lots of people getting into common law and maritime law and equity and all of these different things. It doesn’t matter. The Cestui que vie trust is a trust it’s trust law. Okay. Now, when you create new money, discharge your taxes, your debts create new money through the abundance program, replaying your securities you’ve already created, it doesn’t matter what law anybody wants to apply it because you are operating in a trust is trust law

The money creator, we are very close to finalizing our platform. So I’ll just explain this again. Our platform is an information platform and an administration platform. We have 12 it developers who develop our technology. These are big projects that don’t happen quickly. There’s lots of moving parts. There’s lots of things to tie together and we we’ve been developing the administration side of the money creator platform to not only deliver the information and manage all of the accounts and manage all the agents and manage all the clients and the network originators, but also to manage the administration side. We are expecting money creditor to go live by the end of June, 2022, the end of June, 2022 is our target for going live with Money creator. We are already running a pilot scheme now and we already have people going through the pilot scheme now, but it’s only a small number of people because you need a platform to run the administration function. You need to recruit the team of the administrators just to run the system. You need to recruit the team of specialists to be able to do all the follow up calls and answer all the questions. These things take a while. So what we do is we launch a pilot scheme. We get a certain number of people into it. We iron out, we try and iron out any kinks in the system, and then we go along and that’s what we’re doing with Money creator. And it’s the same with the abundance program, we’re doing exactly the same thing with the abundance infinite returns program, the platform we are expecting in July of 2022 for the abundance program. That’s our deadline. So we’ve got teams of people working on this, it teams, project development teams, researchers, all of these different teams working. We have many, many people in matrix team working on all these projects. It’s not just me and Sims and a couple of people working in a little office. We’ve got a whole big infrastructure behind this, working on all these things.

We talk about it a little bit in the foundation knowledge and abundance webinar. I don’t go into that much detail. If you have a house, that house is registered to the state through the HM land registry, your house It’s not owned by you. Your house is owned by the land registry, which is a corporate entity, a member of the crown. So that’s the first thing you’ve got to understand is that you appear to own a house, you appear to own a car, you appear to own bank accounts, you don’t actually own anything. And why does it not really matter because there’s no money of substance. There’s just the illusion, the ledgers of money. So that’s the first thing you got started, right? The second thing is that if you have a house and it pays to have equity, you can sell the house and you can go and spend your money on anything you like and in the matrix that looks like you’re very well off. Yeah. Because people will take your money if you sold your house and they would be quite happy to take your money. All you’re doing is discharging by the way, you’re not paying anything because you can’t pay anything in this system. Let’s come back to the question. So you’ve got a house and it’s got equity in it, in the matrix, in that mindset there’s value in this house. What you do is you take some of that equity out and you do that by creating, let’s use in the matrix language, you credit a debt over the house. So you take an additional advance on a mortgage, or you create a new mortgage and that gives you the digits, which is the promises to pay. But they’ve been converted into money of exchange, spend the money by the payments that you can then buy a note in the abundance. And now you can put that money, you can sweat that money, make it works. You can engage in the abundance program. Well, you’re going to receive, you know, if you’ve come to my webinars, you’ll receive that, you receive funds from abundance t’s in banking jargon, and it’s called a repo, repurchase of the security features. You can save the security futures. You repay them for service and because you’ve repaid them, you are creating a tax, a credit, a debt, a security future, and you are the creator of it and you can reclaim it. And if you repeatedly do that, that’s how you get infinite newly created money, which is no different from what is going on globally, everywhere, because everything is new money creation. Everything is new securities. All you’re doing is exactly what is already happening all over the world every moment of every day. And then once you’ve created sufficient through the creation, the abundance program, if you discharge the mortgage. That you use to release the equity from the property and that’s how you do it. And I will be doing a webinar on it and doing this step by step on how that could work. Okay.

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