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With an INTJ mindset I challenge the Status Quo to find and deliver a better way of solving problems

About Iain Clifford

INTJs are analytical problem-solvers, one of the rarest personality types and one of the most capable

Iain challenges the common practice way of doing things as he believes it often masks a deeper control agenda. “Iain believes there is always a better way.”

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Iain Clifford
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My Ventures

Iain Clifford has been a serial entrepreneur since 1985 and has built many highly successful businesses. He has operated multiple JVs with household name corporations and is the founder, CEO and board member of listed companies. A strategic leader with an inventor’s brain, Iain is Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)-qualified, a problem solver and a disrupter.


Most of our problems are caused by acting as a debtor, we are….



We are building the world’s biggest freedom community….


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Why Choose us

We are a community of financially abundant and free sentient beings that operate as creditors to the commerce system within a private members association (PMA)

Together we are building the world’s biggest freedom community to live independently from the global control agenda

We provide information, education, accreditation and facilitation on how to become and maintain a state of financial abundance.

Once our members become financially abundant via Creditor Tax Rebates, we provide them access to MM, our independent marketplace.

MM enables our members to purchase properties, cars, goods and services from within their private non-statutory trust funded by their Creditor Tax Rebates.

MATRIXFREEDOM will shortly enable its members to remain where they live whilst interacting within an independent freedom community (via MM) with autonomous power, internet, clean water, natural food, natural health solutions and more…

There are seven steps to becoming, and to remaining, financially abundant:

  1. Join MATRIXFREEDOM as a free member to gain access to basic information via our free webinars and platform content
  2. Purchase e-book/s. Take, and pass, our foundation course
  3. Correct your status from debtor to creditor by becoming a secured party creditor (SPC)
  4. Set up a non-statutory private trust
  5. Claim creditor tax rebates. These equal the last three years digital bank payments you made for goods and services, paid from your bank account/s, by debit or credit card. Also, the face value of the loans and mortgages your strawman* contracted to from age 18. Use your creditor tax rebates to discharge your strawman’s loans, mortgages and taxes
  6. Claim creditor tax rebates every year, based on your last year’s digital payments
  7. Create new currency to buy a property, a car, and pay for goods and services

“Humanity has been trapped in a digital concentration camp

Since the outset, our access to internet services, data collection and mass surveillance has enabled the global controllers to build a database profile (social score) on us all

The controllers plan to use our social score as a way of controlling our behaviour
Everything we do is tracked and scored, and they plan to restrict our spending and other freedoms by linking it to our social score

Some say this is a conspiracy theory, but the evidence is irrefutable, take a look at the World Economic Forum, where the most powerful world leaders regularly come together to plot our enslavement

You may be thinking, how will the controllers link our social score to our spending and freedom?
The answer is simple, they plan to crash the world economy by creating a fake problem, like a war, the war will crash the economy, and just like at Bretton Woods in 1944, the controllers will offer a solution via their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

CBDC will replace the FIAT currencies (£ $ etc) and we will be offered a swap of our existing currency digits in our bank accounts, pension and investments with CBDC

Now the controllers can link our spending and freedoms directly to our social score, a non-compliant score will restrict or suspend the ability to spend the CBDCs

Your spending and freedom will not be permitted unless you social score is compliant to the controllers requirements


My eBooks

As a disrupter seeking a better way, driven by light energy consciousness others often try to undermine my work as it effects their dark energy practices and ego driven fears.I have never been censored, never fined, always the claimant in any lawsuit, to understand more about any negative propaganda you may have come across visit the document at the bottom of the site

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Iain Clifford

Secured Party Creditor​ (SPC)

Taking control of the Fictional Strawman you

The Roadmap to Freedom

How to achieve financial abundance and a freedom

My Interview's

“You have the right to life changing past and future creditor tax rebates, all you have to do to achieve and sustain financial abundance is file creditor tax returns, and all you have to do to keep your tax rebates is operate as a Secured Party – Creditor and hold your assets in a non-statutory private trust”

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Iain Clifford

What Our Clients Say About Us

It was indeed a pleasure to meet all of you on Friday.
It was reassuring to have Iain answering many questions, and I have to admit that it increased my faith in the SPC process as a whole.
It was also very interesting to meet like minded individuals, again reassuring that I am not on this journey alone.
Once again many thanks for your hospitality on the day.

Barry testimonial feedback
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