About Iain Clifford

INTJs are analytical problem-solvers, one of the rarest personality types and one of the most capable

Iain challenges the common practice way of doing things as he believes it often masks a deeper control agenda. “Iain believes there is always a better way.”

An extraordinary problem solver with a never quit attitude, Iain knows that there is a solution to every problem Iain excels at bringing components together to make up a solution; just like a conductor of an orchestra, he knows how to blend all the players (parts) to get an optimum outcome

Iain identifies a problem and designs the infrastructure to deliver the solution to large numbers of customers.

Iain’s organisations utilise the latest technology and efficient systems, usually employing teams of multiple hundreds

Iain Clifford Background

The youngest of three children with two older sisters, Iain was inspired at an early age by his father to play football and reached high levels as a youth player. Many tipped Iain to make it as a professional footballer; in 1984, Iain was involved in a head-on car accident that left him with a lower spine injury that significantly diminished his football abilities. With his dreams dashed, Iain began a career and went into financial services

Iain realised that his most significant talent was problem-solving. Iain also learned that to deliver the solutions efficiently, he needed to operate as the head honcho.

Iain has built and directed multiple corporate ventures in the UK, USA, and Ireland as the CEO. The most significant was a joint venture commencing in 2001 with Halifax Bank of Scotland HBOS (which became Lloyds bank). The joint venture delivered a range of financial planning solutions to high-net-worth individuals.

In 2008, Iain and his company were made scapegoats for the bank’s unlawful seizure of his customer’s assets. Iain pieced the events together by realising that they were part of a £90 billion asset-stripping plan perpetrated by the top six banks.

Anthony Stansfeld (x Police Commissionaire) investigated and widely reported on the events to try and get justice for the victims with little overall effect

Iain believes the events of 2008 (the so-called credit crisis) were a dress rehearsal for the “You will Own Nothing and be Happy” objective of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as described in the UN Agenda 2030

From 2008 onwards, Iain experienced the most extraordinary sequence of events employed by the establishment to discredit him and cover up the truth to protect the global control plan

Via a clever and engineered liquidation of Iain’s company, the spurious appointment of a discredited liquidator, blackmail and other dark tactics, the liquidator accepted the FSA’s unproven speculations about Iain’s company. Without Iain’s knowledge or consent, Iain’s company was publically censured. Like a domino falling, the censure enabled the establishment to discredit Iain’s character and enabled a significant array of media articles and reports to be published that blackened Iain’s character.

Unperturbed, Iain forged on by making seven money management licence applications from 2008 to enable him to practice his profession; seven times, the applications were deliberately frustrated by the FSA/FCA. Iain was determined to continue solving problems for others and partnered with organisations that had the type of money management licences Iain required; to run Iain out of resources, the FSA/FCA closed down each of seven ventures by intimidating the licence holders

At wit’s end, Iain tried to get justice for his customers and himself by taking the FSA/FCA on in the High Courts. Iain had no resources to employ lawyers and barristers and ran his case as a litigant in person. Iain believes that the High Courts rigged the outcome of the case to protect the FSA/FCA, the Treasury and Bank of England

Iain’s case against the FSA/FCA and others was made very difficult at each stage by a series of deliberate attempts to undermine it; due to Iain’s determination and unwavering spirit, the FSA/FCA mysteriously got the case struck out for no good reason on a technicality, the case was subsequently erased from public record


Since 2008, Iain has conducted extensive research into the UN Agenda 2030, a global control plan. Iain’s first-hand experience of the lengths the establishment will go to implement it illustrates the need for a freedom plan


The Freedom Plan is the product of Iain’s skills and experiences; many commentators say its perfect timing for such a plan hence why its gaining momentum fast To know more, watch the Freedom Plan webinar or tune into one of Iain’s interviews

Why Choose Iain Clifford

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“Humanity has been trapped in a digital concentration camp

Since the outset, our access to internet services, data collection and mass surveillance has enabled the global controllers to build a database profile (social score) on us all

The controllers plan to use our social score as a way of controlling our behaviour
Everything we do is tracked and scored, and they plan to restrict our spending and other freedoms by linking it to our social score

Some say this is a conspiracy theory, but the evidence is irrefutable, take a look at the World Economic Forum, where the most powerful world leaders regularly come together to plot our enslavement

You may be thinking, how will the controllers link our social score to our spending and freedom?
The answer is simple, they plan to crash the world economy by creating a fake problem, like a war, the war will crash the economy, and just like at Bretton Woods in 1944, the controllers will offer a solution via their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

CBDC will replace the FIAT currencies (£ $ etc) and we will be offered a swap of our existing currency digits in our bank accounts, pension and investments with CBDC

Now the controllers can link our spending and freedoms directly to our social score, a non-compliant score will restrict or suspend the ability to spend the CBDCs

Your spending and freedom will not be permitted unless you social score is compliant to the controllers requirements