About Iain Clifford

Iain Clifford has been a serial entrepreneur since 1985 and has built many highly successful businesses. He has operated multiple JVs with household name corporations and is the founder, CEO and board member of listed companies. A strategic leader with an inventor’s brain, Iain is Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)-qualified, a problem solver and a disrupter. Furthermore, he believes in equitable win-win outcomes, has employed over 300 staff since 1985 and is a conduit for light energy consciousness.


  • A serial entrepreneur since 1985
  • Built many highly successful businesses
  • Operated multiple JV’s with household name corporations
  • Founder, CEO and board member of listed companies
  • A strategic leader with an inventors brain type
  • Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualified
  • A problem solver
  • A disrupter
  • Believing in equitable win-win outcomes
  • Employed over 300 staff since 1985
  • A conduit for light energy consciousness

Notable Successes

  • Independent Financial Solutions
  • Integrity Financial Solutions
  • TEP Factory
  • FX Perpetual
  • SLSF
  • B to B services


The worlds biggest Private Members Association of its type

Business Consultants and Staff Outsourcing


I am regularly interviewed on radio, various podcasts and alternative news stations